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Tirrany Thurmond, Founder & CEO

All of us have been

impacted by a system

we know little about.


  • How long will this process take?
    The length of engagement depends on the services your organization enlists, the size of the organization, and its readiness for antiracism and inclusion work.
  • Is Idaltu virtual or in-person?
    We are currently operating virtually using video conferencing such as Zoom.
  • How many people are on your team?
    We are proud to have a team of seven experts. The team members assigned to your project is contingent upon organizational need and timeline.
  • Can we do the IDI without receiving an audit report?
    Yes, the Intercultural Development Inventory is offered with an organizational audit and as a standalone. Depending upon where your organization is in it's readiness for equity and inclusion work, we would recommend either a complete audit or IDI Administration to springboard your organization's goalsetting and planning. The IDI produces a group profile - which can be useful for strategic planning purposes.
  • What learning sessions do you have available?
    Our current learning sessions are customized to meet the needs of the client. After our intake consultation, we will design a learning outline tailored to meet your organizational needs.
  • How much do your services cost?
    The investment depends on the services enlisted. Please schedule a consultation for more information on fees.

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interested in partnering with us?

We welcome the invitation to speak at your organization. This includes keynote addresses, panel discussions, facilitated conversations, and guest lectureship. Contact Idaltu for more information.

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A series of scaffolded learning modules crafted for your organization and accessible to all learners. Curriculum development and instruction includes both synchronous (instructor-led) and asynchronous (self-led) learning. Learners will have access to a matrix of content, resources and activities including videos, reading materials, self-reflection prompts, community forums and live classroom instruction.

Virtual training is a unique opportunity to come together across time zones and physical distance to meet in a purposeful and equity-minded community of learning and skill-building. Idaltu’s training style is dynamic and alive, designed to bring people into a more enriching relationship with self, each other and the work of social justice & anti-racism. 

Intercultural Development Inventory & Coaching

The Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) is an accredited tool that provides the necessary specifics to inform healing on an individual level, which can in turn lead to transformation in the organizational and collective spheres. The IDI measures an individual’s intercultural competence across five orientations through a series of 50 questions and is administered online. Results of the IDI are brought to a coaching session with an Idaltu consultant to share and deepen the learning.

Curriculum Development & Instruction
Equity Audit

Equity audits are opportunities for truth-telling, change and healing. Idaltu will evaluate practices within your organization—review organizational documents, interview key stakeholders, and host focus groups—thus examine inequalities, and suggest new paths forward.

Virtual Trainings

Idaltu’s approach centers on healing, humanity and education. Racism is born from systematic division and oppression, and leaves no one unscathed - including those doing the harm. In order to heal, we must build the capacity within ourselves to speak to this harm. How do we do this? 


Idaltu partners with organizations to provide both individual and company-wide consultation. Our aim is to assist in strengthening the sense of belonging, community, collaboration and creativity experienced by employees, across levels and titles. We do this through assessments and coaching, learning modules, document review, equity audits, training and instruction and guest lectureship. Our services are broad - designed to meet the needs of your team. Our frameworks are a fusion of liberation psychology, theories of disability, industrial/organizational psychology, learning acquisition and cognition, human development, social change, cultural competence, and antiracism.

This is the work of idaltu

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