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Tirrany Thurmond, Founder & CEO

We need to get close enough to wrap our arms around those who suffer and affirm their humanity.


Captivated by the lived experiences of others, their resilience, and will, Tirrany’s career as a therapist is led by a commitment to supporting people as they engage in the meaningful work to (re)define their lives. With empathy, openness, and curiosity, she offers her clients  a safe exploratory space to be heard, seen, and affirmed. 

Because our personal experiences don’t exist in a vacuum, it’s important for clients to know they aren’t alone in their quest to make meaning and find purpose in some of the most difficult moments of their lives. No one makes it alone, contrary to popular belief. Therefore, in therapy, we will collaborate to strengthen your self-trust and intuitive  connection, learn to self-soothe, and expand your emotional vocabulary.

Tirrany Thurmond

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meet the therapist

While on a quest to understand the ways people care themselves and others in some of the most oppressive systems, she’s designed a global career examines social power and privilege, honors minoritized identities, and curates communal spaces of healing.  These embodiment tenets guide her work as a therapist. From her immersive time in the Carribbean, South Africa, and Europe, she’s dedicated to creating a culturally-responsive, identity-affirming space that centers the client’s mental and emotional well-being. The hope is to cultivate a space that empowers the help-seeker to thrive.

Women’s Issues
Professional Challenges
Caregiver Fatigue
Emerging Adulthood
Race-Based Stress & Trauma
Intergenerational Stress
Life Transitions
Financial Stress

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immediate help is available!

If you are having a crisis, please do not use this site.

Call 911 immediately or use the contacts below:

988 Suicide & Crisis Lifelife : 988 or text 988 
National Domestic Violence hotline: (800) 799-7233
Maryland Residents may dial 2-1-1 for community support.

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the breakdown!

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$180 - Individual Therapy

(55 minutes)

$220 - Initial Diagnostic Interview

(60 minutes)

*required for all new clients

We currently do not accept insurance.

However, you can pay for services wth your HSA/FSA cards, or receive a superbill and submit it to your insurance for out-of-network reimbursement. Please contact your insurance company to inquire about out-of-network coverage first.

need financial assistance?

Here are some helpful resources + where you can apply.

the role of a therapist!


To provide a space that allows the client to (re)search themselves. To listen to the stories of the client and co-create solutions or goals for moving forward. To affirm, validate, and create a trustworthy relationship.


To offer room for the client to share themselves. To encourage clients to be open and curious about their becoming process and support them with creating a new narrative and increase their acceptance for what is.


To uncover the truth and develop the coping skills to navigate life’s unexpected encounters. To wrangle internal saboteurs, denounce mental health stigmas, and silence the shame associated with seeking help.


To integrate your beliefs, practices, identity, and cultural background into your care. To advocate for you and your community on the local, state and national level to ensure your concerns are addressed.

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