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Tirrany Thurmond, Founder & CEO

Companies focused on community building & self-preservation of employees is a revolution. That's where Idaltu comes in.


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recent client highlight!

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Leaders from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health approached our team seeking expert guidance on developing an antiracism curriculum for its DataTrail program. Datatrail is a comprehensive data science training program that introduces learners from Baltimore City to a career in data science. The 14-week program provides participants with mentors, financial support, and job placement post-completion.

Due to a lack of racial diversity in data science, the vision for DataTrial is to increase the representation of racially minoritized talent in the workforce. Veteran data scientists, organizational gatekeepers, and hiring managers have been recruited to mentor the DataTrail talent, and to do so, they must enroll in the customized antiracism learning modules.

Idaltu created 14-scaffolded antiracism learning modules:

  • Six open-sourced, introductory modules focusing on inclusion and equity for mentors to navigate at their own pace.

  • Eight password-protected, synchronous/asynchronous-combined modules focusing on the social construction of race, the systemic implications of race, whiteness, intersectionality, and allyship, and anti-Blackness.

  • Each module is inclusive of learning objectives, assessments, digital content, and supplemental course materials.

The customized materials are titled Building Capacity for Antiracism and required for all mentors. The inaugural cohort of mentors will start summer 2022.


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"Tirrany's expertise and gift of communication are unmatched! When planning the calendar of guests for Medicine In Color, I asked Tirrany to provide insight on issues of wellness, imposter syndrome and sustainable self-care practices for leaders of color in medicine. She masterfully delivered practical guidance that transcends industries. More than 9,000 downloads later, that episode still resonates with listeners!"


Medicine In Color, founded by Alicia Williams, is a platform that uplifts the voices of women and men of color in medicine through honest dialogue, inspiring stories, and full transparency.

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Natalie Gillard, Founder


FACTUALITY is a facilitated dialogue, crash course, and board game that simulates real life experiences in the US to educate folks on the fact-based advantages and limitations of people due to the intersection of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, faith, ability, and age.

“As a diversity practitioner that doubles as a licensed counselor, Tirrany has the ability to facilitate difficult conversations through a therapeutic lens; I can’t think of a better duality for navigating this field.”

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more of who we've worked with!

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Best Kids

Carl Scott, Program Manager

“The Idaltu team’s impact on our program was fundamental. With the help of Tirrany, we were able to properly train our staff and mentors on the implications of injustice in America, particularly its impact on the lives of our youth. Each participant gained valuable insight on how to become an ally for the youth in our program.”


BEST Kids is guided by the belief that all children are talented. Through one-on-one volunteer mentoring, extensive training, staff support and experiential learning-based Peer Groups, we encourage our youth to discover and develop their unique skills and abilities. Beginning with children as young as six and continuing, as needed, until adulthood, BEST Kids works to enable youth to develop a positive sense of self, to acquire teamwork and group social skills, and to become productive members of society.

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"Tirrany was absolutely amazing. The way that she shares her expertise and covers a subject that is not easy to discuss, such as race-based stress, was informative and relatable. I was unaware of these concepts before our time together."


More than 20 years ago, Congressman Cummings joined with Jewish and African-American leaders and the Baltimore Jewish Council to create the Elijah Cummings Youth Program in Israel (ECYP), a non-profit organization that prepares high school students in Maryland’s 7th district to become future leaders. Through the program, he touched the lives of many young people. The Congressman would regularly remind us that “our children are the living messages we send to a future we will never see.” His work consistently reflected that belief. We are honored to have had the opportunity to work so closely with Congressman Cummings on this initiative, and vow to ensure that ECYP continues in his memory.

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our work through their eyes

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