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Meet Tirrany

Tirrany Thurmond, M.Ed., NCC, LGPC

Tirrany Thurmond is a college administrator, licensed graduate professional counselor, and diversity and inclusion leader with a resume that spans over nearly a decade in large and small organizational settings.  Her professional tenure consists of assisting university leadership on matters of diversity and inclusion, creating equitable programs and access for historically underserved populations, and consulting organizations on matters of cultural climate.

As a counselor, she uses a holistic-integrative approach to healing. This entails cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques, in addition other person-centered, and positive psychology techniques. Tirrany is a skilled practitioner for individual and group therapy settings. Her areas of interest include navigating family challenges, academic concerns, social justice fatigue, leadership issues, Superwoman Syndrome and impostor syndrome, anxiety, and depression.

As a diversity and inclusion consultant, she uses a multitude of approaches to assist organizations strategically develop and implement diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. Tirrany is an expert in minority recruitment and retention, the creation of welcoming inclusive spaces, and helping leaders mitigate bias in the workplace. She's a Qualified Administrator for the Intercultural Development Inventory, a Safe Zone facilitator, and culturally responsive teaching instructor.

She earned an undergraduate degree in behavior analysis from Savannah State University and a master’s in counselor education with an emphasis in clinical-mental health from Georgia Southern University. She's a member of the Maryland Diversity Roundtable and the Maryland Equity Inclusion Leadership Program.


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