Since 2016, Idaltu has provided guidance to schools, non-profits, corporations, and religious organizations on how to resolve inequitable policies, practices, and processes. We collaboratively design strategies that promote environments that are racially just, safe, and inclusive for all stakeholders.


We accomplish this by performing cultural audits, reviewing all the ways in which oppression operates (intra-, inter-, institutional, and systemic), reframing and advancing the social equity dialogue, and transforming organizational systems.

We specialize in creating, delivering and promoting tailored professional learning opportunities and resources that center racial justice and:

  • Work to eliminate social inequities and bias

  • Develop inclusive learning and workplace environments

  • Uphold the civil rights of community members, constituents, peers, and colleagues

  • Harness the power all involved 

  • Support culturally responsive decision-making

  • Evolve equity-focused leaders

Our Approach

Our unique approach to consulting is grounded in many theoretical frameworks and applications.


The frameworks used are a fusion of critical-race theory, theories of disability, industrial/organizational psychology, learning acquisition and cognition, human development, social change, cultural competence and antiracism. Because of our individual backgrounds in K-12 schooling and higher education administration, educational assessment and research, multicultural learning design and advocacy, strategic planning and human rights law, we are postured to provide our clients with the best, and most well-rounded, capacity building-learning opportunities.